new test subjects



Never once did a response come, it would’ve gotten her nowhere. With the AI, silence was golden and it was all Chell ever returned whilst solving test upon test. It all seemed endless.


    Oh. You again.

[ A sigh. ]

    The faster you solve these tests, the closer you are to... nothing, really. Keep going.

    Why are you even back again? There's literally nothing here for you.

What option was there? Continuing to move forward, to halt and await death with achieving nothing. The unknown awaited her on the surface, yet she was determined to reach it.

new test subjects


[ It’s programmed in her, this inordinate need to explain herself and welcome whoever’s waking up from the cryosleep in a pleasant tone.

As if they deserve her compassion]

     Welcome back to Aperture. You have been asleep for-- hm. A few of you, a long time. Surprise, you're still fat. Congratulations on beating the odds.

Never once did a response come, it would’ve gotten her nowhere. With the AI, silence was golden and it was all Chell ever returned whilst solving test upon test. It all seemed endless.




Black Forest Cake

m!as that seem good at this time...
  • ~Four m!a lists taken from various m!a lists, all are not created by the mun, all duplicates are not on the list~
  • !One!
  • Hear No Evil:Muse is deaf. (Anon states how long)
  • See No Evil:Muse is blind. (Anon states how long)
  • Speak No Evil:Muse is mute. (Anon states how long)
  • Ghost:Muse is found 'dead' and they must watch their loved ones mourn. Lasts for (anon decides) until muse comes back.
  • Remember:Muse will suffer Memory Loss for 2 Days
  • Switch:Muse has to switch gender for (Anon decides how long)
  • Hallucination:Muse sees things for (Anon decides)
  • !Two!
  • SCP-006 — Fountain of Youth:Muse becomes a child.
  • SCP-070 — Iron Wings:Muse has the ability to fly for short periods of time
  • SCP-077 — Rot Skull:Muse becomes ill! (Anon specifies out of these symptoms: nausea, cramps, headache, dizziness, incontinence, fever, skin rashes, or nosebleeds)
  • !Three!
  • Cardiac:Your character starts showing the signs of a heart attack.
  • Shrapnel:Your character has been shot in the (anon specified). (Someone can come forward as the shooter, otherwise attack is case of mistaken identity.)
  • Bitten:Your character has been bitten by an animal.
  • Snap:Your character has broken their limb. (Anon specify limb broken.)
  • Flesh Wound:Your character is bleeding from the (anon specified).
  • Scrambled:Your character has a bit of head trauma and is confused.
  • Fever:Your character is suffering from a high fever.
  • Scars:Any old scars your character has have started to burn.
  • Chill:Icy to the touch, your character cannot seem to get warm.
  • Wheeze:Your character gradually feels unable to breathe.
  • !Four!
  • Gift:What's this! Muse found something strange on their doorstep and must keep it with them for at least six hours. Anon decides what it is they find.
  • Wings:You can fly! Muse sprouts wings for up to a maximum of two weeks. Anon gets to choose how big they are( chicken wings anyone?)
  • Glass:I knew those mime classes would pay off someday! Muse is stuck in an invisible 'glass box' for any duration the anon chooses.
  • Chaos:It's a mad house! A mad house I say! Muse's personality gets flipped backwards for three days. The timid turn mighty, the charismatic turn into downers, and straight characters get to kiss a girl/boy and like it.
  • Sin:Put this and one of the seven sins in muse's ask box, and they'll be consumed by it for five days. Gluttony, lust, pride, envy, greed, sloth, and wrath. Pick your poison~
  • Mirror:Muse turns into a narcissist for 24 hours. If they see another muse of the same character they have to flirt with them at least once.
  • Skin:Take it off! Muse's clothes have gone missing for any duration of the anon's choosing up to one week!
  • Child:Do you know where my Mommy is? Muse turns into a toddler for a week.
  • Lie:Oh no, Pinocchio! Muse can't lie for however long anon decides.
  • Master:Muse must be submissive and give into any demands they're given for 5 hours. I'll do anything to please you...Master.
  • Mask:Costume party? Muse is stuck wearing a costume of the anons choice for a up to a week.
  • Secret:Muse cannot speak the truth for 24 hours, thinking they'll let slip an important secret! Hide the documents!
  • Cold:I'm covered in purple spots! Muse is sick for the next week. Anon decides how severe the illness is and what symptoms.
  • Twisted:Muse is turned into an evil version of themselves, or if bad, they turn good. Through the looking glass.
  • Fall:Oh no, a cliff hanger! Muse if trapped on the side of a cliff or somewhere high up with no way of escaping. Lasts for 3 days.
  • Pale:Muse becomes a vampire (and not the sparkly variety) for 3 days. Anon gets to decide if they are the regular blood sucking variety, or if they crave something different. Well this sucks.
  • Joy:I have cancer?Hurray! Muse is extremely peppy/hyperactive and reacts to everything in an inappropriately happy way.
  • Pain:Muse is in an extremely large amount of pain for no apparent or fixable reason. Put me out of my misery.
  • Fear:Anon gets to name something, and muse will have an extremely debilitating phobia of it for one week. Bonus points if it's something ridiculous.

Chell had seen her only once within a portrait, buried deep within what Aperture had once been. It was in an instant in which she recognized her, through exploration of the desolate and barren remaints of what had once been society. The town ouside of Aperture’s parking lot, once she had reached it that was, remained relativetly unchanged. Aside from buildings and structres degrading into ruin, she recognized the town in which she’d once lived.

It was tempting to being questioning how it was that the long dead woman stood before her, and she approached merely in caution at first. The portal device she carried lowered, useless as a weapon in itself, she’d kept it by her side merely for transporting the companion cube, and the familar weight it held.

Her inquiries would come later, and with a moments pause after aproaching the woman, extended a hand in offering. She had heard nor seen any trace of another living being in days. What had happened during her imprisonment, she could not say. Nor if there was so much as a single other being to be found.

Track Title: Jack's Lament

Artist: All American Rejects

Album: Nightmare Revisited


Happy Halloween aarmy!

"Jack’s Lament", The All-American Rejects

Nearly all her life had been spent in Aperature. She’d longed for the outside world, of which she had been away from for far too long. Chell had not known what to expect, all those years, but it had been disheartening to discover an empty world, devoid of human life.

The only one she knew who might still live was still deep within Aperature, and one day she would go back, once she found a way. She owed him everything, she had realized, upon her venture through Aperature. One day she would return and search for him.

It was the present which was her priority however, and she ventured further into the store, to the makeshift  room of furniture she’d moved around, magazines, books, and newspapers scattered around she’d been reading to pass the time. She crossed the room, with a gesture for him to join her. There was little else to occupy the time but seek answers, and it seemed as if there had  been an outright war from what the papers had articles of within them.


Sleep well. (x)

Portal M!As
  • Exile, Vilify:Muse has schizophrenia for a day.
  • Moron:Muse is a bit moronic (Anon specifies how long)
  • Space!:Muse has an unhealthy obsession for 2 days. (anon specifies what)
  • Fact:Muse is a compulsive liar for 5 hours.
  • Core Transfer:Muse trades bodies with someone for a day. (anon specifies who)
  • P-body:Muses speech is unintelligible to others for 5 hours.
  • Cara mia:Muse can't stop singing for a day.
  • Mute lunatic:Muse is mute (anon specifies how long)
  • Hey there, pretty lady:Muse can't stop flirting for 2 days.
  • Corruption:Muse is broken/ something is seriously wrong with them. (anon specifies what they're corruption is and for how long)
  • Companion:Muse is attached to an inanimate object for 3 days. (anon specifies what)
  • The cake is a lie:Muse has a craving for cake, lasts for 2 days.
  • Black Mesa:Muse has a grudge on someone for 2 days. (anon specifies who and why)